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CAEL Overview

The CAEL exam is an English language proficiency test designed for students planning to study at Canadian post-secondary institutions. It assesses test takers' English language proficiency in an academic context and reports scores on four components: Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. The test lasts for 3 hours and 30 minutes and is done in one sitting.

Exam Cost

The cost of the CAEL exam in India is approximately Rs 11,697 (CAD 195)

Types of CAEL examinations:

There are two main types of CAEL exams:
1. CAEL CE (Computer Edition): This is the computer-based version of the CAEL exam. It is administered on a computer and assesses all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The speaking component is conducted through recorded responses.
2. CAEL CA (Canadian Edition): The CAEL CA is the same as the CAEL CE in terms of content and format, but it is administered in a traditional pen-and-paper format. It also assesses listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Different Modules of CAEL:

The CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language) Exam consists of four modules that assess different aspects of English language proficiency. These modules are designed to evaluate the test-takers' ability to understand and use English in an academic context. Here are the four modules of the CAEL Exam:
1. Reading: The Reading module assesses the test-takers' reading comprehension skills. It includes various types of reading passages, such as academic articles, reports, and essays. Test-takers are required to read the passages and answer questions that test their understanding of the content, main ideas, supporting details, vocabulary, and inferencing skills.
2. Writing: The Writing module evaluates the test-takers' ability to express themselves in written English. It typically includes tasks such as writing an essay or a letter, summarizing information from a reading passage, or responding to a given prompt. Test-takers are assessed on their ability to organize their thoughts, present arguments, use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and demonstrate coherence and cohesion in their writing.
3. Listening: The Listening module measures the test-takers' ability to understand spoken English in an academic setting. It includes various audio recordings, such as lectures, conversations, and presentations. Test-takers listen to the recordings and answer questions that test their comprehension of the main ideas, details, opinions, and relationships between speakers.
4. Speaking: The Speaking module evaluates the test-takers' oral communication skills. It typically consists of tasks that require test-takers to speak on a given topic, engage in discussions, express opinions, and provide explanations or arguments. Test-takers are assessed on their ability to communicate effectively, use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, demonstrate fluency and coherence, and respond appropriately to questions or prompts.

Our Offerings:

  • Interactive, live and individualised learning
  • All classes encompass aesthetic PPT slides with examples and explanations
  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • Topic wise vocabulary, synonyms and difficult words
  • Accent Training
  • 200+ question bank for Writing and Speaking which is constantly updated
  • No need of referring to any other material or video
  • Grammar brush-up including Simple, Compound and Complex sentences, Gerunds and Infinitives
  • PR and Foreign Study advice
  • An unprecedented combination of stable trainers with proven scores and track records, study material, guidance and flexibility.
  • Integrated mock tests providing you with the exposure of exam pressure

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Opt for Migrant Master's PTE coaching to benefit from expert faculty, personalized study plans, and a track record of successful candidates, ensuring you're well-prepared to excel in your language proficiency assessment.

  • Our personalized PTE coaching ensures your target score.
  • Expert instructors and proven strategies for exam success.
  • Comprehensive resources and support make us your top choice.

Courses We Offer

We provide a range of courses tailored to individual needs, that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among students and teachers, ensuring a well-rounded education for everyone.

Our 30 Hour learning pack is tailored to your unique needs, providing a personalized educational foundation that fosters growth and success. It's your roadmap to achieving your academic goals, at your own pace.

30 - Hour Training
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Experience dynamic and interactive education with our 40 hour one to one Learning Pack, where you can engage with our expert instructors, collaborate with peers and elevate your learning at your own pace.

40 - Hour Training
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Choose Your Pack

Tailor your education journey with our customizable learning packs. Select the courses and resources that suit your goals for a truly personalized learning experience.

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30- hours Training

Intensive Foundation Series

  • What all is included?

    30 hours of training,
    4 practice books (Reading, Writing, Listening & Grammar) and 3 mock tests

  • Training Mode

    Online and Offline

  • Tutoring Hours

    30 Hours

  • Training Method

    One to One Training

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40-hours Training

Masterclass Coaching Series

  • What all is included?

    40 hours of training, 4 practice books (Reading, Writing, Listening & Grammar) and 3 mock tests

  • Training Mode

    Online and Offline

  • Tutoring Hours

    40 Hours

  • Training Method

    One to One Training


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