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Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is widely recognized as one of the best study destinations in the world. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, friendly atmosphere, and excellent academic institutions, Ireland offers a truly unique and rewarding educational experience. Its universities and colleges are globally respected and known for their high-quality teaching and research standards. The country's commitment to innovation and technology, coupled with its vibrant arts and literature scene, make it an ideal place for students to pursue diverse fields of study.


  • High-Quality Scientific Research
  • Post Study Work Visa, Up to Two Years
  • Practical based learning
  • Ireland is placed 11th in the 2018 Global Innovation Index among the top 20 global education systems.
  • Fastest-growing economy in Europe
  • All universities in the top 5% worldwide
  • Listed as the 13th-most tranquil location on Earth

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Renowned Universities in Ireland

Ireland boasts a plethora of renowned universities, each known for its academic excellence, diverse campus life, and world-class faculty. Here is a list of some of the country's top institutions:

  1. 1. Trinity College Dublin (TCD):Established in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's oldest and most prestigious university. It consistently ranks among the top universities in Ireland and internationally. Known for its historic campus and strong emphasis on research, TCD offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines, including arts and humanities, sciences, social sciences, engineering, and business.

  2. 2. University College Dublin (UCD):
    UCD is the largest university in Ireland, offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is known for its focus on research and innovation, particularly in areas such as life sciences, agriculture, engineering, business, and social sciences. UCD has a strong international reputation and is affiliated with numerous research institutes and centers.

  3. 3.University College Cork (UCC):
    UCC is a leading research-intensive university located in the vibrant city of Cork. It is known for its excellence in areas such as pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical research, marine and environmental research, and business studies. UCC offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines.

  4. 4. National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG):
    NUIG is renowned for its research and teaching across a broad range of disciplines, including arts, humanities, social sciences, business, science, engineering, and medicine. It has a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and collaboration, particularly in areas such as biomedical science, environmental science, and applied social sciences.

  5. 5. Dublin City University (DCU:
    DCU is a young and dynamic university that has quickly established itself as a leading institution in Ireland. It offers a range of programs in areas such as business, engineering, sciences, arts, and humanities. DCU has a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry collaboration, fostering a culture of research and innovation.

These universities consistently rank highly due to their world-class faculty, research output, extensive program offerings, and commitment to providing an enriching educational experience. It's important to note that rankings can vary depending on different sources and criteria, so it's advisable to research and consider various factors when choosing a university that aligns with your specific interests and goals.

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Winter intake, typically starting in January, Procides a flexible timeline and allows international students to align their studies with the Canadian education system's unique trimester or semester schedules.

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Also known as the May or June intake, offers an excellent opportunity for students to commence their academic journey at the institutions, providing an alternative to the traditional fall and winter intakes.

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Fall intake, typically occurring in September, is one of the most popular enrollment periods for international students at universities and colleges, offering a wide range of academic programs and courses.

Know your Eligibility

Knowing your eligibility is crucial when pursuing a Ireland student visa as it ensures that you meet the necessary criteria and can navigate the application process successfully. Migrant Master excels in this regard by providing comprehensive eligibility assessments, guiding you through academic requirements, financial documentation, and essential paperwork. Our expert team assesses your unique situation, ensuring that you have a strong visa application that maximizes your chances of approval. With Migrant Master's assistance, you'll have the confidence that your eligibility is thoroughly evaluated and addressed, making your journey towards studying in Ireland as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

  1. 1. Academics:
    You need to have academic scores of minimum 60% for Ireland. If you have academic scores less than 60%, we can still help you with admission. If you have more than 75%, you have a better chance of getting a scholarship.

  2. 2. Language Proficiency:
    IELTS Overall 6.5(No band less than 6) Overall 6.5(No band less than 6)
    TOFEl Overall 80 - 90 Overall 80 -
    PTE Overall 55-65 Overall 55
    Duolingo 95-120 Overall 95

  3. 3. Backlogs:
    Each course and University has its own way of evaluating applications. Some universities accept 5 Backlogs while some universities accept 15 Backlogs


●  Passport

●  Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

●  Education: Diploma / Bachelor / Masters (Whatever Applicable)

  • ➜ Marksheets
  • ➜ Degree
  • ➜ Transcript
  • ➜ Backlog Certificate / No Backlog Certificate
  • ➜ Letter of Recommendation (If required)

●  Work Experience

  • ➜ Offer Letter
  • ➜ Reliving Letter (If applicable)
  • ➜ Salary Slips
  • ➜ Recommendation Letter

●  Medical

●  Financial

  • ➜ Bank Statement
  • ➜ Bank letter
  • ➜ Fixed Deposit (If Applicable)

●  Others

  • ➜ Affidavits
  • ➜ Net Worth Certificate

NOTE: Universities can ask for any other document if required.


  1. 1. Study For 2 years
  2. 2. Apply for 2 years Post Study Work Permit
  3. 3. Apply for a PR


  •  Information Technology
  •  Finance sector
  •  Pharmaceutical professionals
  •  Engineering
  •  Professional services
  •  And Others


Migrantmaster is a leading overseas education consultancy dedicated to guiding aspiring students through the complex process of obtaining a Ireland student visa. Our experienced team of professionals provides invaluable assistance by helping students secure admissions to prestigious Ireland educational institutions, ensuring all academic requirements are met, and obtaining formal letters of acceptance.

We offer expert guidance in preparing and submitting comprehensive visa applications, ensuring that students demonstrate their intent to return to their home country post-studies, showcase financial stability, and meet all essential criteria. Migrantmaster's commitment to transparency, efficiency, and personalized support empowers students to embark on their educational journey in Ireland with confidence, knowing they have a reliable partner every step of the way.

We take pride in helping students fulfill their dreams of studying in Ireland and gaining access to world-class education and life-changing opportunities.


IELTS Exam Fees 15400 INR
Application Fees Approx 30000 INR
Tuition Fees 18 to 20 lakhs
Food & Accommodation 9 Lakhs
Proof of Funds 9 Lakhs + Course fees
Visa Fees 17000 INR
LOAN Available


No Principal No Principal

Note: This is an approximate cost as the actual costs are in Euros. We can help you with loans.

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Simplified documentation and expert guidance make it hassle-free for students to secure admissions in their desired foreign universities. With a user-friendly approach, easy admission procedures ensure that aspiring students can focus on their academic goals rather than bureaucratic hurdles.

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MigrantMaster's coaching services offer personalized guidance to aspiring students, helping them navigate the complex journey of studying abroad. With experienced mentors, they provide valuable insights into university selection, application procedures, and interview preparation.

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At Migrantmaster, our top-notch service is synonymous with efficiency and excellence. We understand the urgency and significance of visa processing for students aspiring to study in Canada. Our streamlined processing ensures that all necessary documents are meticulously reviewed and submitted promptly, saving students valuable time and minimizing stress. With our dedicated team by your side, you can trust in a seamless and hassle-free journey towards obtaining your Canada student visa, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your education and future aspirations.